Words Can Shape Your Destiny – Life Hacks

‘It’s only words and words are all I have to take your heart away’.

When the pop music group Bee Gees composed and sung this song, they had a little or no clue how famous their song ‘words’ can become one day. The group’s song, which was actually a ballad, made a hit record and today the lyrics of the song stands strong. Why? Well, there have been several studies published online and elsewhere that supports the belief that our capabilities to make new friends and retain the old ones depends on how we communicate. It’s hard to believe, but, it’s true.

People around us are either positive or negative and jolly or sadistic. Each personality trait leads them to a particular style of living. Here is a list of some personality traits; cross check if you have any one of them:

1. Negative Perception Will Make You Negative: If you are someone who thinks negative not purposely but generally then I am sorry to say you are a negative person. Look around yourself and the situations that you deal with every day. Do you advise your colleagues to change their job because they are wasting time over gossiping or find it tough to deal with the people who are generally happy.
Having a negative perception about something will only make you a negative person. You won’t be able to look optimistically anywhere. Negativity can even isolate a person from society and to close ones. A negative person is also more likely to face failure in personal life.

2. Humbleness A Key To Happy Living: Being humble doesn’t mean that you need to do deeds like that of mother Teresa. By being humble means that you should respect feelings and emotions of others. A submissive nature can help a person improve life on an individual level. Our society respects those who are caring towards others and show sympathetic nature. Besides, humble people leave healing effect on others because their words are powerful enough to encourage someone down or upset with something.

3. Really? If you are someone who questions or doubts any information, you are most likely to lead a life of spy or something like that. People who don’t believe in the first hand information and look for further proofs are dubious in nature. They like to doubt or question whatever being said or presented to them by their nature. Such people find it hard to have friends and maintain cordial relationship with the loved one because they will always doubt their feelings and actions.

4. Tit-For-tat: Look around, there must be someone in your circle or someone that you knew who believed in tit-for-tat. It is a saying which means revenge. There are certain things that one should let go. Letting go is a way of making life a lot easier. Tit-for-tat or blow for blow can be adventurous for some, but not for all and especially for the one at receiving end. At times, innocent people who unknowingly wrong done to someone and fall into the tit-for-tat trap. It is fine to be revengeful at times, but the situation and people involved should be considered. A tit-for-tat person is scary in nature. They are more likely to attract enemies in the form of friends and may lose good friends because of their blow for blow nature.

5. You Can Do It: An energetic personality is one that is self-motivated and motivates those around. Many times, we come across someone in our life that encourages us to keep moving and never to look back. Such people have charisma in them, which makes them special. They are most admired and often looked upon for wise advice.

6. I’m Sad: ‘Sad’ is one word that no one likes to hear because it is so dull and boring in itself. Sadness is a state of mind. Sadistic is a nature a carrier of which often complaints of life and it turns. Such people seldom (almost never) take interest in lively activities or things. Sadistic people like to stay aloof with their own thoughts and feelings. They are hard to please and motivate. The life of a sadistic is dull and boring. They don’t like to take challenges and lead harmless life.

What kind of life will you lead? The answer of this depends on how you act in the society. If you are a humble person, you are a lot likelier to have a good bunch of friends. But, if you are someone who always doubt others, you are more likely to lead a life similar to that of a spy. In short, it won’t be wrong to say our perception and words we use to communicate can make or mar our life. Therefore, think well before saying anything because actions can be forgotten, but words have never been and can’t be.