Travel Solo To Get Over A Breakup

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Breakup is a common part of every life. Almost everyone living in this world goes through this phase, and it always hurts. Everything thing, place, and food that once seemed pleasant starts to appear disappointing after during this time.

It’s no rocket science, you have lost someone who once promised to be there for the rest of your life. It has to hurt badly, but life must go on. You have to break the cocoon at some point and get over your emotions. Traveling solo can help you to get over a breakup and be an excellent remedy at this point. The following are some reasons you should consider this after a breakup.

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Diverts The Emotional Pain

The worst part is the breakup is not that you don’t get to see the loved once or talk to them, but it’s the memories. Everything around you, your home, nearby cafeteria, and even your own friend act as a constant reminder of your loss.

Now, you can’t ignore all this thing or leave them forever, but you can get a break from them by moving traveling. New places, new people, and no one to tell you about the breakup will make you feel good. Besides, you will also have a lot of planning work to do. There will be hotel booking, plane tickets, financial management, packaging, and a lot of other tasks to manage. So, you won’t exactly get the time to remember the breakup.

Rediscover Yourself

No matter how understanding was your partner, there is always a part of you that gets lost during a relationship. It’s because you and your partner will always have some traits that you won’t share. For instance, one of you may like gaming, while the other one is outdoor types. You both have to compromise your hobbies and come up with a common conclusion to deal with this difference.

These compromises form a base of a healthy relation, but gladly, you don’t have a relationship anymore. It means you are free to roam around, play games, flirt, and do whatever you like. Traveling solo, in this case, will refresh your mind and give you closure about the hobbies you have left behind. It will help you rediscover the things that you enjoy and bring back the part that you have lost.

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Helps To Regain Confidence

The friends and family members often get too precautious after your breakup, especially if you were too close with your partner or it was your first breakup. They usually try to stay around and comfort you, saying all sorts of motivational things. They also try to comfort you by bringing all your favorite. Their intention is not bad, but it mostly backfires. Instead of making you comfortable, it makes you pity yourself. You feel like you are dependent on these people and cannot afford to leave them. As a result, you start to lose trust in yourself.

The feeling is even worse if you were the one who got dumped. It’s because this type of breakup always comes with self-doubt. Therefore, just pack your bags and move to a place where you have to manage everything by yourself. It will make you realize that you matter and are enough to handle things without anyone’s help. It will help you to regain your confidence and

Forces To Smile

After breaking your heart, the whole concept of love starts to seem useless. It starts to feel like every time you trust someone, you will get betrayed, or you will lose that person. It makes you a little introvert and emotionally damaged. A lot of people begin to look at life in a negative way, which in turn makes them sad. They often lose the one precise thing that no one should ever lose- their smile.

Travelling can help you to revert the change and bring back your pleasant smile. The theory here is simple; you can’t talk rudely to people you’re meeting for the first time. Besides, you have to take selfies, and they will need your smile.

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Now, when you smile for the selfie or talking to someone, your body will release endorphins or the happy hormones. Therefore, after a few days of travel and some smiles, you will forget about the whole breakup sadness. Not to mention, you will have some awesome pictures to tell the world that you are ready to move ahead.

Provide Peace Of Mind And Soul

After you break up, there will be mainly two kinds of people that you will meet. The first category of people will tell you that the breakup was your fault, while the second will curse your partner for it. Everyone you meet will tell you a different reason for the breakup and how you could have prevented it.

This advisory will not only make you feel bad about the breakup, but also cloud your judgment. It may even lead to some decisions that you may later regret. Therefore, it’s best that you travel to a place where no one knows you. It will prevent you from all the toxic talks and give you some time to process the whole breakup. It will help you to clear-out your doubts and stabilize your emotions, making you much wiser and tolerant. 

Bonus- Add Friends To Your List

Solo traveling means you won’t have a group of friends to keep you occupied. It will open you to new conversations and much more approachable. You will have a better shot at interacting with the locals as well as the other tourist. Many a time, you will also find a group of other travelers to hang out with. They will bring new flavors to your life and make you realize that you are not alone, even when you feel that no one care.

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You will be really surprised by the number of new friends you will add to your list by the end of your solo traveling trip. The best part, these people saw you at your lowest, so they know the real you. It means they will be there with you for a really long time. Now, that’s something you won’t want to miss.

Wrap Up

Breakups are not as bad as they seem, or others tell you about them. They are like every other phase of life and will pass at some point. However, you need to calm your mind and get over the pain to move from this part of life, and as the post described, traveling is the best way to do it. So, if you or your friend ever break up, do consider this an option.

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