Top Tips To Keep Mother-In-Laws Happy

The word, mother-in-law, often strikes a vivid fear in me. She is beautiful, adorable, but also daunting in nature. She can be a killer if she gets extremely angry. Can’t even share my experience how she stares at me when she is annoyed. Phew! Thank God, I have found a way to keep her happy. If you are also someone going through some tedious rifts with your mother-in-law then try doing the following things. I cannot promise that it will make her happy, but I am sure it will provide you with some space:

Early Bird:Mother-in-laws love early birds. Whether it be waking up in the morning or reach on time at a family event, make sure that you are the first one to reach and get noticed to her. She will start thinking good for you and may even pass a smile. Now, that’s an achievement, especially if you are a daughter-in-law. Also, try to call her as often as possible so she feels connected with you. Keep her updated about your good sides so she doesn’t get the time to think about your bad side.

Gift to Please:This idea can be a little expensive, but gifting her occasionally will make her feel happy. Keep an eye on what she needs and surprise her by gifting it to her. She will be amazed to see how much you care for her.

Listen To Her:No matter how annoying your mother-in-law is (I am sure not as much as mine!) listen to her. Give her your ears, but no shoulders. Don’t even think of offering your shoulder to her to cry upon because it will adversely affect your day. It will upset you, you will feel nothing good after that because mother-in-laws have nothing nice to say, and they just crib and crib. Try and listen to what she has to say and the moment you step out of her house or room, just erase the talks from your mind so it doesn’t clog you for the entire day.

Be Watchful of Your Words: Her words and action might upset you, using your words to express annoyance will worsen the case. Remember, she is turning old and she will always try emotional blackmail you by saying that she has just a few more years to go and she is not happy. Don’t add to her agony, she might be really upset. Rather, take a step back if she upsets you. She will notice the gap and will try to make it up to you.

Accept the Truth:I believe and I think the whole world also believes that mother-in-laws are hard to please. Keep trying, go sugar buttering go to the extent that you can to please your mother-in-laws. Explore her likings and desires. Knowing her better may help you improve the “in-laws” bonds.

Don’t Take Her Seriously: Trust me, taking her seriously will only block your mind. If you take her words seriously, you may end up your day or even month being a trash box that accepts only rejected thoughts. I am sure you don’t want this to happen to you. In fact, not taking her seriously will only reunite you with your mother-in-law because you will be less hurt by her words and you might not even care how she is treating you.

Dress up like a Queen/King:Your mother-in-law either thinks that you are good for nothing or has high expectation from you. Dressing up nicely will make her feel good for you. She will look at you as a respectable citizen who is careful about his/her looks and appearance.

Ignore Her: At times, it is in your favor to ignore her. Ignoring is a blessing in disguise. You ignore her once and she will understand that you don’t like what she has been doing with you. So by ignoring you can make her realize that you are important in her life too.

Better half, Your Godfather: Your better half can help in many ways in improving your estranged relationships with your mother-in-law. Pamper your better half in front of your mother-in-law. Every mother admires to see her child being loved and cared for. Pampering your better half will put you in her good books.

Seek Advice: Make your mother-in-law feel special by seeking her advice. Let her know that her opinion matters to you. Share your problems with her and seek help.

The aforementioned points can help impress mum-in-laws, but remember impressing a mother-in-law is something near impossible thing. Replenish the bond with your mother-in-law to enjoy a happy married life and a long lasting relationship based on love, care and respect.