Top 4 Kids And Pregnancy Devices That Rocked CES 2017

This year’s CES, global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow, amazed many with the latest innovations displayed by their respective representatives at the show. The tradeshow provides a great place for companies and even for the start-ups to introduce their products to the prospective customers and bring a change in the market trends. Among various latest devices and innovations, there were four devices that stealth the heart of many. These devices focused primarily on easing the complications of pregnancy and improving the health and lifestyle of children. The must to try devices included Remi, a smart clock to better monitor sleeping patterns of kids, by a start-up.

Here are the four devices that every to-be-mom and parents should have with them.

  1. Digisense:
    Image courtesy DIGISENSE
    Image Courtesy: DIGISENSE

    Digisense is a smart device to monitor what is going on inside the nappy of the baby. It works without causing any discomfort to the baby and helps you know when the diaper is required to be changed. Digisense is a small and light weighted device that can be attached to the nappy on the outside. The device works by monitoring and alarming the parents about the fullness of the diaper via an accompanying application. It also monitors hydration levels as well as respiration of the baby. Continuous peeing in the diaper and delay in changing it can cause skin rashes to the baby. But, with digisense moms can get some real help and prevent skin rash. The device sends a message on the smartphones of the parents informing the current status of the diaper. The device allows parents to continue with their daily activity without worrying about changing the diaper. Digisense comes with a fastening tape. The latest innovation is not only helpful for babies but also for elders as it can also be used of adult diapers.

  1. Bloomlife:
    Image courtesy Bloomlife
    Image Courtesy: Bloomlife

    This smart pregnancy wearable is useful for the expecting mom. The device measures thecontractions and can help save unnecessary visits to the hospital. It is the first product unveiled by Bloomlife. Although the device has limited usage, it is one of the handiest devices to monitor contraction. It works by analyzing the electrical activities of the uterine muscle. The device, having monitored the bump for contraction, sends a message to the user through the accompanying app informing whether the aches in the stomach are contractions or something else. The manufacturer of the device is also working on improving the device. Its upgraded version might be able to provide ultrasound images of the baby on smartphones. Let’s see how the device will do in the future as of now it is one of the coolest devices for pregnant ladies

  2. Remi:
    Image courtesy UrbanHello
    Image Courtesy: UrbanHello

    Do you wish your child sleeps better at night? Here is a device to help you. Remi by UrbanHello is a bedside clock, and its maker claims that it can improve the sleeping patterns of the children. The clock monitors the baby when sleeping and alerts the parents when the baby is crying.Besides alerting, the clock also maintains a record of the room temperature and also monitors changes in the sleep patterns by recording noises. The device is good for parents trying to understand the sleep pattern of their baby. The cool clock has a cute smile on it indicating a toddler to be at bad. The device is will be available in the store in the coming February. It is a promising device that can help parents better monitor their kids even when they are sleeping.

  3. Kiddowear:
    Image courtesy Kiddowear
    Image Courtesy: Kiddowear

    Worried about your child’s health and fitness? Worry no more, because a Kiddowear isnow out that can monitor overall fitness and health of your child. The device, Kiddowear, has nothing new when compared to other fitness trackers available in the market. But, it is amazing to know that the fitness industry is now turning to the younger market. The maker claims it to be helpful for keeping kids healthy. However, the manufacturers need to upgrade the device a little so it can also calculate the BMI of the kids and track their calories. The device is new and unique. There are some scopes of improvement in the device. Let’s hope to see something new in the device in the next CES event. But, as of now, the device is worth having.

The CES, every year, showcases some of the latest and the best innovations. This year, smartphones and computers kept the show up and live with not many huge announcements. Wearable connected devices stole the show this time. Some of the most popular wearables included Tokyo-based Xenoma’s e-skin that can track motions of its wearer, G-Vert that monitors the workout of the athletes and Omron Project Zero 2.0 that tracks blood pressure of the wearer.