These Confidence Life-Hacks Will Put You in Control of Your Life.

Many of us nowadays want to be in control of their lives. However, not all of us are eager to accept the challenges that we face from day to day. The feeling of confidence makes you less vulnerable to the problems that you may face and will always ensure your success by giving you a strong lift. If the questions like “What if I do not get that job?” “What if she/he does not like me?” bother you all the time; it may be a great idea to follow the simple steps of boosting your confidence that are highlighted in the article below.

  1. Beat the FEAR!

Fear is the main thing that kills your confidence! The scare of success or failure might even devour you! You must beat the fear by thinking about your tasks as the safe options.

  • It is safe for me to ask for a promotion.
  • It is safe for me to ask that guy/girl out on a date!
  • It is safe to get myself in shape before the summer.
  • It is safe to socialize with my friends.

Don’t you just feel better and safer while thinking in that direction? Great! Let us move on.

  1. Determine the outcomes!

Insecurity makes it impossible to determine the possible success. If you cannot determine and imagine what you want, you will never be able to reach it. However, you can do it by simply asking a “what if?” question.

  • What if I will gain that promotion?
  • What if I will get myself into shape before the summer?
  • What if I will invite that girl/guy out on a date.

Bypass the fear by asking a “what if?” question, allowing it to gradually go down, and see how immediately YOUR confidence will get boosted.

  1. Breathe deeply!

Sometimes you just need to add some more oxygen to your brain to help it. Right before you go and ask for that promotion or ask that girl/guy out, take a very deep breath and it will make up to all of your worries!

  1. Prepare for the fight!

Preparation gives you success. When you think you are insecure about something, it mostly means that you need some more time for you to prepare.

  • Ask a friend to help you with that interview. Let him be your employer and test you and your skills. Repeat it over and over again, until you will reach excellence and confidence.
  • Afraid to go to the gym? Read about exercising. Hire a professional trainer that will boost your desire to get fit in no time!
  • Do you think that your date might go just wrong? Read a couple of books on dating, talk to strangers. Take baby-steps in boosting your confidence.

Did you think it will be all that easy? It will not! Remember, the preparation makes up for 80% of success! The feeling that you will gain while stepping out of your comfort zone will make you achieve even more and more, leaving no worries about the “next step”. Just remember, that too much confidence will lead to procrastination. The sooner you start applying your knowledge to the life, the better it will be for you!

  1. Have the Superhero posture!

It’s been a well-known fact that posture affects how you feel, by increasing testosterone levels. Therefore, stand up straight right now! Think of yourself as a superhero, who is about to save the world and everybody is looking at him! Would you like a superhero that is not standing upright and does not have the confidence boost? That’s right, nobody would! 😀 Now combine it with the clothing, to make yourself unstoppable! Hold that posture, kick in some testosterone and boost your confidence! Looking good!

  1. Let it slide smoothly!

When you are prepared, you have your posture and clothing ready; there is nothing that can spoil your success except for you!  Do not ever overthink or overdo in this case.  I am sure you have read tons of material and practiced the situation over 1000 times, but now, you have just to let it slide. More stress is always unnecessary. Your time to shine bright like a diamond will definitely come! The world is under you and you are the unstoppable bomb here! Now go get what you want right now!