The Zero SR/S, the Latest E-bike on the block; Built for Comfort and Efficiency

Electric motorcycle Zero SR/S

Yesterday in Manhattan, New York, saw the unveiling of the Zero SR/S, by Zero Motorcycles CEO Sam Paschel. The latest e-bike from the California-based company on the block, the SR/S sustains most of the internal features of the 2019 launched Zero SR/F

Some of the features the SR/S inherits from its predecessor include the battery and drive motor. It consequently pulls about the same weight in output power and range. 

It comes with a ZF 75-10 electric motor backed by a 14.4 KWh Li-ion battery, that pumps out over 110 hp of wheel power, 140 lb-ft of torque, allowing the two-wheeler to reach a top speed of 124 mph. 

One look at the SR/S, and you can see its NASA genealogy. A product of advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics, it pulls its weight over the SR/F as a more aerodynamic and energy-efficient model. 

Zero also seems to want to cover up more with this model. The SR/S is the first e-bike from the company with full-flaring, giving it the ‘sporty’ look; a bold move from the company, considering their over a decade-long tradition of naked bikes. 

Electric motorcycle Zero SR/S front
Photo: Zero Motorcycles

In addition to improved aerodynamics, this e-bike boasts of improved ergonomics. With some major tweaks in the position of the bars and pegs, it reduces effort from your wrists and enables a better riding position. It also comes with a softer suspension, enabling for a smoother ride.

Covering up comes at a cost; added weight. At 505 pounds, the SR/S is 20 pounds heavier than the SR/F. But it all does seem worth as according to the company, riders can look forward to up to 13% increase in mileage. With the original, 200-mile range of the SR/F, the aerodynamics on the SR/S should pull about 26 miles extra; a great improvement indeed.

Both the Standard and Premium models of the Zero SR/S will support variable charging options. Using a single charging module, juicing up the battery from 0 to 95% will take about 4 hours. Two charger modules will take about 2 hours, and three charger modules will take just under an hour. 

The standard model boasts of an 82-mile range on the highway and up to 161 miles in town. Included in the package will be a 3kW single charging module for a four-hour charge time from 0 to 95%. 

The premium model boasts of extra luxury features like heating on the handle grips, and aluminum bar ends. Premium also means high-speed charging. It comes with a 6kW charger that trims the charging time from 0 to 95% to about two hours.

Adding a 6kW rapid charging option for the two models cuts the charging time to a little over an hour for the Standard Model, and a little under an hour for the Premium SR/S. 

Electric motorcycle Zero SR/S dash detail
Photo: Zero Motorcycles

The internal electronics of the SR/S did not change as it comes with the same technology bundle, including the Cypher III operating system that runs the SR/F. In a statement from the company, the control systems were explained:

‘‘The SR/S treads a fine line of balance between superb control and power, thanks to its smart Cypher III operating system and Bosch Stability Control. The Cypher III is the brain of the machine and coordinates all the internal systems to yield an excellent riding experience.’’

The upgradeable operating system allows you to monitor the status of the bike, remotely from a smart device. You can keep a close eye on the battery level, charging status, create schedules for charging, etc. It also sends notification alerts when the bike is tampered with. The find-my-bike feature allows tracking of the vehicle in case of theft. 

Zero Motorcycles has done an impressive job of keeping the price tag of the SR/S close to that of the SR/F. At $19,995, the Standard SR/S is $500 more expensive than the SR/F. The extra features (faster charging, heated handles, and aluminum bar ends) in the form of the Premium model comes at $21,995. 

Electric motorcycle Zero SR/S rear
Photo: Zero Motorcycles

The two models are already available for purchase as the company is already distributing them to wholesalers. Both also come with a mileage extension, the ‘Power Tank’ option that boosts the battery capacity by 3.6kWh. This will reflect as a 21-mile increase in the highway range and a 40-mile increase in the city range for both models. 

The Power Tank will come at an additional cost of $2,895 but won’t be available for purchase till the 1st of March. Customers who are interested in the e-motorcycle will be charged a 10% federal tax rate for purchasing EVs priced above $2500.

The SR/S marks the beginning of a new era in Zero’s designs; the company is beginning to place more emphasis on e-motorcycles with refined looks. This can be seen as an effort to create better appeal to potential customers and expand their buyer base. This trend is predictably a portal to create increased interest in the Electric Motorcycle industry as a whole.

To look the part.

Motorcycle companies target younger citizens as they make the bulk of their customers. Last year, Harley Davidson rolled out ‘the LiveWire’, the first street bike that met with impressive success; there were already many other companies that were less successful. 

However, priced at $30,000, the LiveWire is expensive, and Zero seems to be taking advantage of this; creating a line of electric motorcycles that are on par with the LiveWire’s specifications but at about $10,000 cheaper. 

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are the new craze in the modern tech world, offering a clean alternative to organic fuel-powered models. Big names like Tesla are at the industry’s forefront, and interest in them only continues to escalate. A major concern from EV owners is centered on mileage. Manufacturers definitely don’t want to disappoint, and improvements are constantly being made to bring EVs up to par with their fossil-fuelled counterparts.

Zero has continued to push boundaries that define what’s possible with an electric-powered motorcycle. And right now, it may be safe to say they’re the most competitive and unmatched E-motorcycle brand in the U.S.