The Alexa-powered Smart Kitchen for Kids with a Humour

2-in-1 Kitchen for kids with Amazon Alexa voice assistant

With the $300 2-in-1 Smart Kitchen for Kids and Market-powered by Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa, your kids can experience first-hand the thrill of running an interactive kitchen. An ingenious product of toymaker KidKraft, this interactive playset was unveiled at the 2020 Ney York Toy Fair, where parents get to see the latest in the toy industry for their kids. 

Children love to play, and many times pretend to be mommy and daddy with their adorable toys. KidKraft is taking the childhood experience up a notch through this 360-degree Kitchen and Market. From afar, it looks like the average play kitchen, but this playset comes with built-in RFID sensors and is powered by Alexa.

The AI industry is growing rapidly, and voice assistants like Alexa already power many devices and homes. Their integration into home activity has enabled home runners to perform tasks more efficiently, and more hands-free. With this Smart kitchen, kids are not left out of the modern trend. 

It comes with a wealth of accessories that, when played with, will trigger the built-in software to play out cooking tips, run through grocery shopping lists, and recipes. It will also come with interactive games and give kids a good laugh with jokes. Kitchen sets are not new, but by integrating the voice assistant into this kid toy, KidKraft is closing the gap between Artificial Intelligence and children. 

The release date is slated for next year, and the mini Smart Kitchen for Kids will be available on Amazon at a starting price of $300. 

2-in-1 Kitchen for kids with Amazon Alexa voice assistant
Photo: KidKraft

The Alexa feature, however, will not come installed on the playset but will require a manual configuration by parents. It is designed for compatibility with the Amazon Echo speaker that will be the hub of sound projected. 

Parent company Amazon has been making efforts for a while to integrate its advanced AI and products into the home. This Smart Kitchen for Kids embodies Amazon’s collaborations with software and tech developers to push their status as a household brand, further.

What’s awesome about this playset is how engaging and realistic it is for your kids. From meal planning to grocery shopping and finally meal preparation, this innovative toy kitchen will run your kids through it all. 

A great point of growing up is handling responsibilities. Even though virtual, this gadget will give kids a feel of what their parents do to get their meals ready, and ultimately put tasks in their hands. It will encourage careful planning, cognitive thinking, and pull out their smarts.

Cards labeled with inbuilt food menus are slotted into a port. This will then trigger the voice prompt to either give recipes or suggest items to purchase from the grocery store. 

Kids play with the Kitchen with Amazon Alexa voice assistant
Photo: KidKraft

The Smart Kitchen’s accessories which include pots, spoons, food items, etc. all have ID chips built into them. The RFID sensors are then triggered when an accessory comes into contact with predesigned parts on the toy, say a pot on a stove. 

Each activity, like turning on various devices in the kitchen, has been pre-programmed with a realistic backup sound. So turning on a stove will give an initial electrical buzzing sound. The sound of trickling water will be played when the tap is turned on, etc.  

Installing the voice assistant feature will be done manually. With an Amazon Echo speaker provided, parents will navigate the Amazon app, download the KidKraft skill, and enable it on Alexa. The exact commands to bring the playset to life or whether one will be needed at all, is not certain yet, as the model unveiled was only a prototype.

An attached chalkboard will allow kids to compile lists of ingredients to buy at the store.

The Smart Kitchen for Kids has been built to emphasize physical interaction rather than voice commands. The grocery store comes with a mimic barcode scanner that will give the conventional beep when your kid runs an item being purchased, over it. The whole shopping process will be excitingly engaging as Alexa will make suggestions for ingredients. 

Kitchen for kids with Amazon Alexa voice assistant
Photo: KidKraft

At the end of the shopping, the total price will be readout. Like with a large part of the Smart Kitchen’s body, a wooden credit card with an ID chip is included. Kids will make payments for their purchased ingredients with the credit card and head back to the kitchen.

The cooking is very interactive, and you can expect puns once in a while that follow the conventional ‘funny dad’ model.

The Smart Kitchen for Kids can run without Alexa or an Echo smart speaker and will make many of the interactive sounds with its built-in speakers. The full fun package and enhanced sound, however, are what Alexa and the Echo will provide.

Like with all electronic gadgets and smart home systems, personal security holds the bulk of concerns from parents. People want to know how interactive data will be handled. Both Amazon and KidKraft will work under federal regulations that govern data handling when it comes to high-tech systems.

Here is the CNET video report from Toy Fair:

In the modern world, where an increasing amount of time is spent in front of HD screens, parents are careful when choosing toys to buy for their kids. This Smart 2-in-1 Kitchen still pulls in modern tech but retains the old button-control, and comes with a wealth of features that emphasize imagination and cognitive thought. 

It is an educational unit that will help reduce children’s screen-time, a source of growing concern, and engage them in real-life, physical activity; cooking. And in time, they will move on from playing with an interactive toy kitchen to actually making meals that will make any parent proud.

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