Smart Habits for Smart People

People judge us not based on what we have accomplished but rather on our habits, our way of talking and our body language. There are times when we come across someone who has totally misunderstood us or has a completely wrong perception of us. It is not their fault if they have failed to understand us. In fact, we are at fault for not presenting ourselves in a presentable manner. This can be well-explained through a life example of a student. While taking part in an exhibition, a student makes sure that he/she explains his/her project in a manner that makes everyone likes it. Moreover, the student also prepares answers to questions that a viewer of the project may ask.

If a student can be that particular and protective of a project then why can’t we be for ourselves? After all, we are also a project of our own. We have spent years building and defining ourselves so then why let others misjudge us? Here are a few habits that you can inculcate to make yourself look smarter:

1. Read Voraciously: Reading is a great way to keep one’s mind active. It helps in enhancing intelligence, knowledge, and personality. A person into reading is seen as a scholar by society and is also perceived as a smart person because he/she restrains from wasting time on other useless activities. So, inculcating reading habits can make you look smarter.

2. Meditation: Make meditation a daily habit. This will make you alert, more focused and will also help de-stressing yourself. Meditation won’t only heal you internally; it will also enhance your overall personality. People will start to perceive you as a down-to-earth and humble person because these are general assumptions associated with one into meditation.

3. Daily Exercise: You will look smarter if you spend a few hours of the day exercising. People who take special care of themselves are treated specially in society. A person who jogs in the morning goes to the office in the daytime and attends a party at night gets to enjoy the best of his/her world. Daily exercising keeps one fit, mentally and physically. Also, it makes one respectable in society.

4. Become Bilingual: Take interest in learning a new language, like French, Spanish or others. Showing interest in learning about new cultures will make you a society-friendly person. It shows how concerned you are as a person about a community other than yours. It is also believed that a person with high levels of verbal-linguistics skills is good at planning and decision-making.

5. Write Down Your Thoughts: This simple habit is just for yourself. Make yourself more comfortable with who you are by writing down your thoughts and feelings. There are times when we don’t feel like talking to anyone. In those days, we can befriend ourselves by sharing our own thoughts through diary writing. This habit will also help you solve some of your personal problems.

6. Get Creative: Try new things as often as you can and show them off. Whether it is a new dish that you cooked or a new dress designed by you, let the public know that your mind is on creative tasks. This will make people like you more. They will consider you as a person who best utilizes his/her time. Besides, being creative can enhance your decision-making skills as you will be thinking more, doing more and the result will be just awesome.

7. Get Sporty: Taking part in sports on regular basis won’t only tone your muscles, but also your social circle. You will get more inclined toward those who really like sports. Indulging in a sports event will help you make new friends and share a new bond. You can invite someone at home to watch a match with you or can go to watch a match live. Besides, sports activities will make you more disciplined in life.

8. Tame Your Brain: Just like our body, we also need to keep our brain in shape. For this, regular mental exercises can help. Keeping your mind upbeat can help you stay active when it comes to taking swift decisions. A mind can be exercised through brain games such as sudoku, puzzles, board games, and riddles.

These are some easy habits that one can inculcate in life to make themselves interesting for others. A person with many interests is always admired by others. Hobbies are always fun and invigorating and they can have a great influence on one’s life.

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