Revenge of the Fallen: Nokia to Relaunch 3310 This Month

Image Courtesy: By Multicherry, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link
Image Courtesy: By Multicherry, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

The mythical Nokia 3310 is about to be revamped and re-introduced to the market this month. The new 3310 will be priced at around $60, targeting budget-conscious consumers, similar to the market spectrum the original model thrived in. They plan to launch it at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) which will be held in Spain this February 2017.

The original 3310 was released back in 2000 – 17 years ago – but those who got their hands on it still haven’t forgotten its glory. It’s small and compact, has a battery that can last for a week, has a very responsive interface, and is unbelievably sturdy. It also included iconic games like Space Impact, Bantumi, Snake II, and Pairs II. With all of these features fitted into a single phone, no wonder it catapulted the phone to a legendary status that it even holds a special place in the history of mobile phones.

Although smartphones dominate the mobile market and phone standards revolve around its features, a large portion still cannot afford it. Forget the fancy features. Many are still looking for a phone that’s affordable and have basic call and text features, a long battery life, and a sturdy built – the domain Nokia used to dominate.

We all know how Nokia spearheaded the popularity – and possibly necessity – of mobile phones in people’s lives. They released models that are simple to use, responsive, and has a reliable battery life which is why people around the world quickly fell in love with their products.

Nothing came close to Nokia back then. It was the honcho in the mobile industry when Samsung and Apple were just sidekicks without much reputation. Nokia owned 41% of the market during its peak back in 2007 – Samsung and Apple haven’t come close to this figure even now.

The birth of Apple’s iPhone and Motorola’s Razr was Nokia’s Achilles’ heel. The iPhone’s full touchscreen display was so revolutionary back then but Nokia dismissed it as a fad that will die in a year or two. They abandoned their US consumers who were then discovering the wonders of touchscreen smartphones and continued releasing the same tech with improved parts.

Nokia’s failure to adapt and take risks eventually caused their downfall. It was too late when they decided to join the smartphone bandwagon. The damage was done and it cost them massive decrease in sales. They seemed to have lost their way and just agreed with Microsoft to acquire them for $7.5 billion. The new Nokia phones are now manufactured and released by the Finnish company, HMD Global.

This re-release of the 3310 model may be the revival we’re waiting for.

Will it feature touchscreen display or will it have its usual keypad? How about camera and apps? Speculations continue to arise while the company keeps the details in the shadows, building anticipation until the phone’s release.

You can still buy Nokia 3310 from Amazon: