Proterra’s Fast-Charging System is one of the World’s Fastest and It’s Up for Grabs

Overhead fast-charger. Image Courtesy: Proterra
Overhead fast-charger. Image Courtesy: Proterra

Proterra has developed a fast-charging solution for electric buses and it can completely charge the batteries in just 10 minutes – faster than filling an empty 80-gallon tank of a diesel-powered bus.

Our ever-growing dependence on fossil fuels proves to be detrimental as time passes by. Through the years, we’ve burned countless gallons of fuel to power up factories and vehicles, greatly contributing to global warming and climate change. Utilization of renewable energy comes into play, in hopes of stopping and countering the effects of burning fossil fuels.

Battery-powered vehicles continue to penetrate the market, introducing clean and emission-free transportation solutions. Electric buses are also starting to make way into our roads, giving us a greener alternative to accommodate the exponential growth in daily travel around cities.

However, charging these electric vehicles poses a minor obstacle. Private cars can stop midway for a 15-minute recharge but this amount of time is unacceptable for public transports.

Manufacturers have introduced different fast-charging solutions to solve this hindrance. Companies worldwide and big names like Tesla are continuously developing technologies to speed up the charging process of battery-powered vehicles.

One particular company, Proterra has introduced a technology that can recharge a 1400A battery with 50-1000V DC power that’s way faster than CHAdeMO’s fast-charging system and Tesla’s Supercharger.

Proterra, a company manufacturing electric buses, heavily focuses on their mission of providing solutions to create a safer and cleaner transit. Their commitment inspires them to continue improving their technology to produce buses that are completely free of harmful emissions.

Proterra batteries – the E2, the XR, and the FC series – are engineered for heavy-duty use in urban transit. They’re all compact but packs a lot of power to give vehicles more time on the road instead of docked at charging stations.

Proterra has two options to charge their buses powered by their Catalyst batteries: one is by docking on a plug-in depot, and another is by going for a quick stop under their overhead fast-chargers. The latter can be installed on bus stops and it takes only 5-13 minutes to recharge the bus.

Proterra hasn’t patented their fast-charging technology yet to entice other developers to work and play with it. This free-for-all mechanics is similar to how Elon Musk invited private companies to take on his ideas which eventually led to the birth of Hyperloop One. Proterra is hoping this move will not only invite more customers to buy their electric buses but also help speed up the industry’s growth.