PAL-V is Now Accepting Pre-orders for their $400,000 Flying Car

Image Courtesy: PAL-V
Image Courtesy: PAL-V

Riding a commercial or even a private air transport can be a pain. You need to transfer to several vehicles just to get to your destination and then trace back the same route to get back to the plane. With the PAL-V Liberty, you can take-off without going through an airstrip, land down, and then park it in the usual parking space for 4-wheeled vehicles.

PAL-V, a Dutch company dedicated to developing flying car models, announced that it’s now accepting reservations and pre-orders for the first commercial flying car – the Liberty, a gyrocopter with foldable wings and retractable fins which can be used both for land and air transport.

The dimensions of the Liberty does not exceed that of an ordinary car so it perfectly blends with everyday road traffic. Its 3-wheel design can carry 2 passengers and travel at a speed of 160km/h.

The Liberty is powered by a 200 hp rotor to lift it off the ground. When it’s up in the air, it can fly up to a speed of 180km/h and traverse a distance of up to 500km.

The Liberty features a Semi-Automatic Conversion System (SACS) to easily switch the vehicle from driving to flying mode and vice versa in just 3 to 5 minutes. Take note that you have to be licensed to drive land and air vehicles before you’re allowed to operate the Liberty.

Image Courtesy: PAL-V
Image Courtesy: PAL-V

The vehicle works with the Real Time Travel Calculator app to help it calculate wind speed, the weight of passenger and luggage, and take-off and landing parameters. It also gives the estimated time it’ll take to complete your journey, along with the stops you need to go through for longer travels.

PAL-V is continuously working to make their product compliant with driving and flying regulations of countries worldwide.

Liberty is priced at $400,000 for the basic Sport model excluding taxes. The Pioneer model is more expensive with its $600,000 price tag. The latter includes training with a certified instructor, adds features like power heating and some fancy detailing, and replaces the old mechanical controls with an electronic display for a more futuristic feel.

You don’t have to dish out this much money right away. PAL-V is offering a non-refundable deposit of $10,000 for the Sport model and $25,000 for the Pioneer one. If these amounts are still too much to handle, you can opt to secure a spot on the waiting list for just $2,500 which is fully refundable.

PAL-V plans to release only 90 units of the Pioneer model worldwide. Shortly after the Pioneer models have been delivered, the company will release the Sport models. The company aims to release the vehicles by the end of 2018 after all testing and certifications are completed.