Organic Swimming – Brining Freshwater Back Into Our Lives

Organic Pools

Swimming in the laps of nature can be an amazing experience. But, can we afford to enjoy it amid our busy schedule and sedentary lifestyle? Organic swimming pools are providing the opportunity for swimmers to splash around natural water free from disease causing bacteria, such as E. coli, Shigella and Campylobacter.

The best thing about organic pools is that they can be built at one’s place. Besides, the nutrient level of water in organic pool is more than that of ordinary pool. The nutrient level in organic pool is restricted primarily of phosphorous to prevent formation of algae. Algal boom in freshwater can cause discoloration of water and may cause some serious skin problems. The organic pools have plants near them that help in keeping the water of the pool clean and maintaining the nutrient level. The best thing about the organic pools is that they have a battalion of micro-organism that either kills or eliminates alien micro-organism, such as a human pathogen.

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There are two types of organic pools – natural and plunge. The natural pools works entirely with nature. Swimming in natural pool one gets to mesmerize in natural beauty with floating lilies, iris and marsh marigolds. Natural pools are soothing to the eyes and relaxes mind. They provide a great way to relax tensed muscles and enjoy a nice weekend. The plants inside the pools ensure the hygiene level of the water.

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Plunge pools, although small in area, also offers a natural yet hygienic way of relaxing in the water. Plunge pool can be built in a modest garden, while natural pools require more space. The plunge pool is perfect for kids. You can have a plunge pool at home and can see your kids swimming and enjoying their days.

Organic pools can keep water disinfected with the help of plants, but what about mosquitoes and human pathogen. The construction of organic pools is not just limited to keeping nutrient level in check; rather the pools are designed to keep mosquitoes and human pathogens at par. The water of organic pools hosts a vast ecology system that comprises of fauna which doesn’t allow mosquito larvae to sit on the water. Besides, mosquito larvae are found on still water. The water in organic pool is gently circulated.

The vast ecological system together with freshwater microorganisms ensures that the water in natural pool is filtered. Over the past two decades, studies have been carried out to understand whether the water in natural pool is capable of keeping human pathogens at par. These studies conducted in various countries, including Germany, Austria, France, Australia and the USA has ensured that the water in organic pools doesn’t cause any health issue. However, a natural pool should be constructed in accordance with the local climate. For example, the construction of an organic pool will be different for hot climates area from others.

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Organic pools are bringing fresh water back to our lives. With busy life schedules and lethargic attitude, people tend to avoid going outdoors or sitting in nature. Having a natural pool in your backyard can provide a chance to be around nature and enjoy swimming in naturally disinfected water.

The word ‘swimming’ means a lot to many. For some it is a team sport, an activity, an exercise, a way to relax the mind and body, and a hobby. Swimming is said to be a great cardio, muscular exercise which also helps in maintaining a healthy weight. But, swimming can also cause irk and itchy skin, especially if you prefer to swim in public swimming pools which contain bacteria, urine, fungus and more. Organic pool is the answer to these problems. Organic pool as the name describes is a pool that has living matter such as plants and flowers along. Ordinary swimming pools are advertised with luxurious items such as pool slides, stylish steps and ladders, pool lights, and artificial fountains. But, beneath these pomp and show lies organism that can cause skin and hair problems.

If you don’t have a pool, you can build a organic pool at one’s premise. The water of organic pools is well within the drinking water standard. Can you think of drinking water of swimming pool? I am sure the answer is a big ‘NO’. You can learn to make your own organic pool at home. Organic pool provides flexibility to its owner. One can build organic pool depending on the requirement, climate, space and purpose. However, it is advisable to seek local advice on climate before building an organic pool.