Nikon releases online photography classes for free during April

Person holding a Nikon camera.

Nikon, one of the biggest names in the world of professional photography, decided to do their part during the quarantine by releasing their online photography classes free of charge until the end of April.

For several decades now, Japanese camera manufacturer Nikon has been consistently in the top three shortlist of anyone looking to buy a DSLR or mirror-less photography camera. So they probably know a thing or two about photography.

The Nikon School has a total of 10 classes available taught by different professional photographers. They cover various topics that appeal to amateur and seasoned photographers alike. They’ve got tips for getting started with a DSLR as well as more advanced topics like children and pet photography, environmental portraiture and music video creation.

That’s a value of $15-50 per class, that you can get completely free until the end of the month.

You don’t need to own a Nikon camera (or any camera, really) in order to enjoy these classes. Some of them cover specific Nikon products and accessories, but for the most part they’re pretty generic. They range between 15 minutes to an hour per class.

You do need to create an account on Nikon’s website in order to access the courses. Fortunately, they provide the option to opt out of marketing emails.

If you’re having trouble getting through this quarantine, we’ve compiled a couple lists of free stuff to do. One for fun stuff and another for productive stuff that should help you stay at home.