NewWind Tree Turbine – Art and Functionality In One

What is your first association when you think of wind turbines? Monstrous? Unbearable noise? Perhaps ugliness?
Yes, these are all the common adjectives when we think of the turbines. Companies engaged in renewable energy products somehow imposed such a definition and experience, but that’s changed now. The French company NewWind has made quite a boom in the world of wind turbines, by throwing to the market its innovative device: Tree Vent or Wind Tree.

Compared with others, the company’s equal orientation to the design and to the functionality makes these turbines different, exceptional and perfect for an urban environment.  Therefore, if you ever wanted a wind turbine in your backyard or placed on your roof in order to save your electricity expenses, this might be the right solution for you. The price of this remarkable mix of art and technology in the field of renewable energy is approximate $35,000

Image Courtesy:  Facebook page of NewWind R&D - L'Arbre à Vent
Image Courtesy: NewWind R&D – L’Arbre à Vent

Technology & Design

The WindTree is designed in the form of a tree, made of steel. The tree is tall 10 meters and 8 meters in diameter, with a weight of 4 tons. It has  63 artificial green wind turbine called aero leafs. This air leafs are completely silent when spinning, and can generate electricity in the slightest wind speeds – lower than 5 mph. Also, they can spin in both directions, so it doesn’t matter which way the wind is coming from to generate power.

Taking into consideration wind speed variations, installed capacity of a single wind tree is around 3.1 kW of power. What does it mean? This means that one wind tree can supply 15 street lamps or light for 71 exterior parking spots and even filtering a pool of 1,766 cu.ft. for one year. Life expectancy of a one wind tree is 25 years. There are some more advantages of these turbines like the possibility to build it near the buildings, as construction permit are unnecessary.

Image Courtesy: Newwind
Image Courtesy: Newwind