New PSC Solar Cells for semi-transparent Windows are Finally Here

The potential application of solar windows in big cities.

For so long, we’ve dreamed of generating solar power through our windows. That tech is finally here. New research has made it through the peer review pipeline showcasing new solar cell technology that can be used in semi-transparent windows.

Ever since Tesla announced their solar roof tiles in 2017, interest in the technology has been reignited. While the investment of their solar solution does take some time to pay off, it’s certainly worth it in the long run.

The one downside of Tesla’s system is that it doesn’t work too well in urban settings. It’s more for the suburbs where each house has enough roof space to generate electricity. But what about us city slickers?

That’s where this new tech comes in. In large cities canvased with tall buildings wrapped in glass on all sides, embedding solar cells into this glass makes a lot of sense.

Two square meters (22 ft2) of these new perovskite solar cells (PSCs) can generate 140 watts per square meter. At the same level of tinting as popular glazed commercial windows. That’s the same efficiency level of mainstream solar panels.

In other words, the tech is finally viable.

A lot of home owners with Tesla’s solar solution generate more power than they need. Rather than paying energy costs, they get money back. This kind of revenue would multiply exponentially on the sides of tall buildings.

The potential here is far greater than just making money. With enough buildings using these solar cells, entire cities can be powered using clean, free, solar energy. This means we no longer have to rely on centralized power grids that burn fossil fuels and can potentially collapse.

Web3, the next generation decentralized internet, is all the hype right now. What’s far more exciting is free, clean, decentralized energy.