NES Classic Edition Hacked, Allows You to Play More than 60 Games

The NES Classic Edition, Nintendo’s latest baby, has been reportedly hacked, increasing the number of games you can play on the console by at least double the amount officially included in the standard package. The game console has 30 standard, built-in games available in all regions.

Hackers from Japan and Russia posted reports in an online forum discussing how they were able to successfully hack the game console. A video is circulating around, showing the game catalog of a user who was able to load over 84 games on the system. Hackers say they were not able to load more than 90 in total. The console gave them a black screen when they tried to boot it up when they exceeded the said limit.

There are several tutorials on the internet detailing step-by-step the process you need to do in order to hack your machine. Just remember that this is illegal and voids any existing warranty, aside from the fact that you risk breaking your system apart. Basically, you need to hook your console to a PC through the USB port. From there, you have to enter into some sort of development environment to upload the ROMs you can find on the internet.

Sales of the NES Classic Edition took the market by surprise, with retailers posting the item as sold out just a few days after its release. Even Nintendo was shocked with how gamers welcomed the product, never expecting it would be such a hit. Aside from some minor emulation bugs and a really short controller cord (only around 3ft), it continues to receive overwhelmingly positive reviews.

The NES Classic Edition is a replica of the original Nintendo Entertainment System released in the 1980’s – that’s more than 30 years ago. It introduced us to many of the most notable and classic games like Super Mario, Mega Man, Castlevania, and The Legend of Zelda.

Since it sold out fast, the console has become a rare item, fetching marked up prices averaging $200 – more than triple of the original $60. Several conspiracy theories have risen, mainly discussing Nintendo’s hand in all the ruckus. Many believe the game developer really produced the console in limited batches to boost the price and also leaked the information on how to hack it to increase the hype.

Nintendo hasn’t confirmed any of these rumors. It seems the majority of the players don’t care at all whether the rumors are true or not since their love for the classics tops everything else.