Interior design trends in 2017

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Nowadays fashion affects all of the spheres of one’s life. Therefore its latest breakthroughs do not only relate to clothing, haircuts, and makeup, but also to the interior design, dictating the rules of how the modern housing should look like. Therefore, one should be aware of the importance of decorating the house properly and of the responsibility that lies behind it because our house is not only an expensive real estate; it is the place where the modern person can find harmony and feel at peace.

The interior design of the house should reveal the temperament of the owner, his or her tastes, preferences, and especially, character. Moreover, it can serve an inspirational cause, providing you a ground where you can successfully self-actualize and live comfortably. Therefore, let us take a look at the newest, most fashionable fashion trends of the interior design of 2016-2017!

According to interior design specialists, the primary trend of the future season of house interior design is going to be the natural stone and its effective usage in décor. Stone carving in all varieties and forms is also going to relate to the biggest trend of the season. However, let the specially trained professionals execute the carving on the stone as the compliance with geometry forms is going to be enormously hard.

Another relevant material of furnishing of the 2016-2017 season is going to be metal. Cooper and brass in any combination are going to be present in houses with many different purposes. Those may include elements of your restroom, the finish of the tables, the furniture itself and its other parts. The best way to decorate your house with metal is to have it combined with pink shades and wooden inserts.

While decorating the house using the latest trends in interior design, you should always consider the simplicity of conception, its comfort, and its quality. The primary purpose of any house is to create the comfort and coziness, provide the feeling of safety to the people inhabiting it. That is why, in designing your home, you should avoid large furniture that limits your living space as well as any synthetic materials that are going to damage the owner’s health and cause harm to the environment. That is why, the most popular decorating styles are high-tech, country, and industrial styles which correlate to the spirit of minimalism while at the same time, not harming the comfort and aesthetics of your house. Always set the comfort of your home as your top priority and never try to save on appliances, which is going to make your life easier.

The apartment-studio, which does not have any boundaries of functional zones, has been growing in popularity this past season, and this growth is projected for the next season too. However, while doing such a design, the pace and the way of life of a particular person should be considered. Regarding other decorating objects, they can range from the world of flora and fauna to the various folklore themes.

While designing kitchen in 2016-2017, professional interior designers recommend using bright and saturated colors. The preference should be given to the shades of green, red and blue. Using these shades the one can separate the particular wall in the kitchen, zoning the space and use the contrast color for the furniture and appliances. Vintage and retro have not lost their popularity, and by using them, you may quickly add charm to your composition. However, when designing modern-style kitchens, one should give preference to the modern materials and monochromatic shades of colors (white, gray, black). The kitchen should be spacious and have only the basic ergonomic furniture, nothing extra! Also, unusual mechanisms should be implied while designing a modern kitchen as well as there should only be straight and defined lines!

The principles of minimalism should also be applied in the design of the living room as it allows the living room space to become more elegant and stylish, while at the same time not cluttering it with unnecessary decorations and furniture. The furniture should be only restricted to the comfy sofa with a couple of armchairs, small wardrobe, and a dresser. One may also add 1-2 paintings to add the certain spirit to the living room. Regarding walls, their decoration should be kept very simple, without any heavy ornaments. The trendy color is ranged in between the white and milk-color to the lemon and coffee-like colors. The wood and stone will allow them to become livelier.

In 2016-2017 season warm, yellow-colored bedrooms will be the main trend. This color will give the feeling of warmth and sunlight, and fill the one’s morning with pleasant emotions. However, you should be very careful with decorating the bedroom in yellow color. You need to mute it, by mixing it with the shades of brown, green, raspberry and gray shades. The stylish yellow interior should be built on the contrasts of colors such as the combination of the lemon color with the dark-shaded furniture or gray furniture. Besides the yellow color, a very prominent thing is going to be the decoration of the bedrooms in coffee and milk-color, purple, and violet colors, warm and bright green shades. Just like anywhere else, there should be not too much of furniture in the bedroom. It should be limited to the bed, couple of bedside tables, dresser and journal table with the built-in wardrobe. They do not receive much attention, keeping it very simple and stylish while at the same time do not let the owner lose comfort in his palace.

One can let himself free while using various design approaches, combinations of colors and materials in decorating the restroom. To renovate the bathroom in the minimalistic style, one should use the minimal amount of the decorating items, and free up the maximum of space. A very trendy thing would be a comfortable restroom the floor of which will be made of wood or natural stone. The color pallet may be blue and white, the ideal combination for the bathroom in 2016-2017. Marble and metal decorations may also be present as well as various pictures and flowers. The lovers of nature will love the country style of decorating the restroom which is represented by the wooden wicker furniture in the natural shades of brown and green. The bathtub can be made out of iron, but the floor can be wooden. The ceiling can be painted in white.

While 2017 is going to bring some fresh and unusual ideas to the interior design, it is going to be focused primarily on providing comfort in the simplest way, while also keeping it stylish and modern. Various approaches are acceptable, but you should remember, these are only advice. The best design for you will always lie in your heart!