Innovations in Medicine: 5 Startups That Will Change the Way We Cure

Health and help to those in need are becoming more and more profitable than gadgets and consumer services. In the past few years, medical start-ups were booming. Young innovators and entrepreneurs are not just trying to make money, selling the more comfortable way of life, they want to save people’s lives, help paralyzed patients to enjoy their living again and give hope to seemingly hopeless children. Here are the five brand-new startups that are going to make our world much healthier.

  1. Exoskeleton Bionics.

    Image Courtesy: Ekso Bionics - Facebook Page
    Image Courtesy: Ekso Bionics – Facebook Page

The invention of the company Ekso Bionics gives a chance to learn how to walk to those people, who have seemed to be bound to the wheelchair. The idea of using an exoskeleton was originated by the U.S. military to improve the stamina and strength of the soldiers. The exoskeleton or the bionic costume Ekso is a robot, which a person can put on himself. It was developed specifically for people that were paralyzed below the waist and is equipped with small engines that are located next to the thighs and knees. The speed and the size of the step can be altered by the controller. The person in a wheelchair just needs 5-10 minutes to put on the exoskeleton. The weight of the robot is 23 kg; the cost is hundred thousand dollars. Despite its weight and price, the inventors are confident that this is just the first prototype.

Nowadays, there are several centers located in the USA, Spain, France, Italy, Great Britain, Norway, Denmark that will help with learning how to walk in this exoskeleton.


  1. Online Psychotherapy

The iCouch start-up has appeared thanks to the random idea.  One of the founders, Jessica Dear, was with her Mexican friend in Suzhou when he needed an urgent psychotherapeutic help. It was almost impossible to find a Spanish-speaking psychotherapist. Therefore she offered her friend to have a Skype session with the acquainted therapist.

The application iCouch helps patients to find the suitable psychotherapist in every corner of the world. You can choose the price for the consultation, area of psychotherapy as well as therapist’s gender, check his biography and make an appointment at a comfortable time. The payment is delivered via credit/debit card. On average, one session will cost around 85 USD. Consultations happen online and are not recorded on any devices. iCouch can be used on any computer, smartphone or another device with internet connection and video function. All of the therapists in the database hold licenses. The app costs only 2USD, but the company takes a fee of 20% from the price of every therapy as a “technical commission.”

  1. Posture Coach – Helps Controlling Posture
Image Courtesy: Lumo Lift Posture Coach
Image Courtesy: Lumo Lift Posture Coach

Posture Coach is specifically developed for the people who suffer from lower back pain and bad posture. Whenever a person does slightly bend forward, the Posture Coach starts vibrating, reminding him that one needs to straighten his back. Besides that, it can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and track the calories that you have burned, what type of activity you have performed and how long have you spent standing and sitting.  The device costs abut 80 USD and can function with all of the Apple gadgets. You can buy this Posture Coach  from  Amazon:

  1. Smart Pill Bottles.

    Image Courtesy: Adhere Tech Smart Wireless Pill Bottles
    Image Courtesy: Adhere Tech Smart Wireless Pill Bottles

Adheretech startup was created in New York. Its developers have raised starting capital of 200 thousand dollars and received a patent from the University of Alabama.

Pill bottle Adheretech can help you to control which medicine you are taking. But first of all, it helps people who are wholly dependent on taking pills: cancer patients, HIV positive, patients with rheumatoid arthritis and so on. The pill bottle can send you light and sound notifications when you need to take pills and show how many pills are left in the bottle in the real time. Adheretech is also equipped with moisture sensors, backlight, speaker and battery, which is going to be enough for 45 days. 

  1. Online Physician Consultations
Image Courtesy: HealthTap
Image Courtesy: HealthTap

For its creation, should be grateful to the near billion of unanswered medical questions on Google. Its creator, Ron Gutman was there to help those patients. 20 investors have helped him to create and launch the mobile application.

Mobile application HealthTap allows any person from any corner of the world to ask questions concerning health and medicine. 43 thousand physicians from the USA are there to help. By now, they have already answered more than one billion questions and have saved thousands of lives. The application is like the social network, where physicians respond to questions in text format. At the same time, many doctors can answer the very same question. For the small pay, the patient can have a private conversation with the physician. Besides, the patient can make an appointment with any physician via this application.