If you’re not a pickup kind of guy, the Monster X will change that.

Carlex Design's EXY Monster X pickup truck.

Tesla’s Cybertruck won’t be here until 2021, but that hasn’t stopped it from reviving interest in stylish pickup trucks – like the [S]EXY Monster X by Carlex Design.

That’s a 6×6 Mercedes Benz X-Class pickup truck that was completely modified and transformed into this aptly named Monster X.

They’ve modified the suspension to drop the truck’s height, added an extra set of wheels on a third axis and widened the fenders to allow for mounting bigger wheels.

If that’s not enough for you, it also comes with a winch on both ends.

They’ve also replaced the body’s panels with carbon fiber and added a set of headlights up top. To finish off, the all-black exterior is accented with a yellow bed.

Rear view of the Monster X pickup truck. Image courtesy: Carlex Design
Rear view of the Monster X pickup truck. Photo: Carlex Design

Sadly this beauty does not yet exist; but Carlex Design’s new pickup division, simply named Pickup Design, does have other models available.

In more sad news, Mercedes has decided to discontinue the X-Class in May of 2020. We’re not sure if this will affect the production of these custom parts or the future of the Monster X.

Pickup Design‘s website lists six different variants of EXY, based on the aforementioned X-Class. They also offer mods for the Volkswagen Amarok, Nissan Navara, Toyota Hilux, Fiat Fullback and Mitsubishi L200. Each has a cute name and its own website: Amy, Navy, Hilly, Fully and Lucky respectively. The Navy also comes in three flavors.

Usually, Carlex Design sells their custom kits for you to assemble at home on your own car. Given the sheer degree of modification done on the Monster X however, it’s unclear how they will provide this experience.

It’s also unclear whether their mods will be usable on subscription vehicles.