Hot Wheels Rolls out Two Tesla Cybertruck RC-models

Two scaled-down versions of the Tesla Cybertruck from toy company Hot Wheels have been unveiled, way before the real thing is available for you to cruise around town. 

Tesla Cybertruck RC-models
Photo: Mattel

November 21 of last year saw the rather dramatic unveiling of the Tesla Cybertruck by CEO Tesla Motors Elon Musk. The supposed bullet-proof windshield of the vehicle cracked during the live demonstration, and Musk was quick to pass it off with a joke.

And Hot Wheels is eagerly sustaining the humor as one of the RC-models will come with reusable ‘cracked windshield’ stickers (drama is hardly forgotten). Only now, you won’t have to hurl balls at the glass. 

The company has unveiled two versions of these pint-sized EVs. 

The smaller version is scaled at 1:64 and stands at a pre-order price of $20, while the much bigger version is scaled at 1:10 and will cost $400. 

The release date for the two RC trucks is set for mid-December this year. Customers interested in buying them can, however, start to pre-order from the Mattel website

The company hopes to give its buyers a feel of the actual vehicle beforehand, a pacifier of some sort, and they are well on their way as both the RC models and the actual Cybertruck share a very similar basic internal structure. 

And the market is looking good for Hot Wheels with this new line as the company announced that the larger 1:10 $400 version is already sold out, and buyers will join a waitlist for the next batch to be produced. 
The two Radio-controlled Tesla Cybertruck models are products of a collaboration between Hot Wheels and Tesla, where the actual Cybertruck was studied to make them as realistic as possible.

Both the internal and external features will be built to replicate the Tesla life-sized vehicle as closely as possible. Production is still in its incubation stages, and in a statement on the Mattel website, the company makes the point that the final design, texture, and colors may vary. 

The Limited Edition 1:10 Hot Wheels® R/C Cybertruck

Labeled a science fiction-inspired, hobby grade-radio-controlled vehicle that is off-road and rugged terrain capable, the bigger 1:10 ratio Cybertruck comes with a set of features that emphasize impressive replication. It even includes a Tonneau “vault” cover to reveal interior details that are an excellent copy of the original.

Tesla Cybertruck RC-models
Photo: Mattel

It will come with headlights and taillights to aid in visibility and will support two drive modes; chill or sport, to alter the speed and maximize compatibility with the terrain. 

The company claims that its speed is also scaled down in the same ratio, meaning it will have a top speed of 25 mph, a mirror image of a ‘hypothetical’ 250mph top speed of the Tesla Cybertruck. 

It will also come with a telescopic tailgate that folds out into a loading ramp, and an accessible plastic body to grant access to the interior and internal battery and drivetrain system.

And of course, it will come with a reusable cracked window vinyl sticker, a hallmark of the Tesla Cyberruck many look forward to. The 9.9V/3300mAh, rechargeable battery, the 1:10 will come with, will give you the same battery time as the time taken to charge it. 

This model is recommended for ages 14 and above.

The Limited Edition 1:64 Hot Wheels® R/C Cybertruck

According to the company, this 1:64 sized RC model gives you the Tesla Cybertruck in the palm of your hands. Literarily. The 3-inch sized model can run on the custom Hot Wheels® orange track. 

Tesla Cybertruck RC-models controller
Photo: Mattel

The company places its top speed at 500mph scale, which translates to almost 8 mph. Recharging the vehicle can be done using the controller.

This smaller version is recommended for kids 5 years and above. 

Not to say adults can’t choose to break convention like Tesla CEO Elon Musk is famous for, and relive their childhood days, or just play with the kids.

The Real Thing; Tesla’s Cybertruck

Cybertruck, Tesla’s first pickup truck was unveiled in Los Angeles by CEO Elon Musk, in the winter of last year. Tesla has always stood for ‘standing out,’ and the trapezoidal-shaped pickup really drove home the company’s ideals. The vehicle starting price was placed at $39,000.

Tesla Cybertruck

Photo: @teslamotors / Instagram

In a vehicle niche where companies like Ford, General Motors, and Chevrolet have maintained their status as the ‘Big Dogs’ for decades, the Cybertruck will face serious competition. But America is falling in love with Electric Vehicles, and with modern campaigns for greener vehicles, the Cybertruck is building a welcoming market. 

The unveiling took a rather funny twist as in a demonstration of how tough the truck was, Franz Von Holzhausen Tesla Chief designer used a sledgehammer on the body and a metal ball on the side window.

Under the impact, the window cracked, to Musk’s surprise. 

Franz von Holzhausen throwing steel ball at the window, immediately before impact.
Franz von Holzhausen throwing steel ball at the window, immediately before impact. Photo: u/Kruzat / CC BY-SA
Tesla Cybertruck damaged window.
Tesla Cybertruck damaged window.  Photo: u/Kruzat / CC BY-SA

The Cybertruck will come in three models; a rear-wheel-drive, single-motor model that will pack about an estimated mileage of 250 miles on a full charge. The second model is a dual-motor, four-wheel-drive truck that will have a mileage of about 300 miles, and is placed at about $49,000 per unit. The third model will have three motors, will have a 500-mile range on a full charge, and will start at $69,900. 

Advanced driver-assist features, an autopilot function, and an autonomous driving bundle are some of the special goodies potential Cybertruck owners can look forward to when the vehicle is released next year. 

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