Google Tilt Brush An Amazing VR Painting App

Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the latest computer technologies that uses software to generate realistic images, sounds and more. The technology mimics the reality by creating graphics that look real. It creates an illusion of creator’s imagination so other can see and feel his/her thoughts and concepts. The VR technology is dominating the tech world as it makes easier to express and share information and ideas through illusions. As of now, the VR technology is quite prominent in the gaming industry as it gives a real life experience to the players. However, yet another VR app ‘Google’s Tilt Brush‘ has added to the enthusiasm of VR lovers. The latest technology is ideal for artists and designers. Using the app, the artists and designers can now create or design in space and get immersed in it by virtually experiencing it.

The launch of ‘Tilt Brush’ followed the launch of Google’s Cardboard ( another VR app) in 2014. The Google’s Cardboard enables its users to learn the basics of virtual reality. This particular VR device was most favored because of its friendly navigation and affordability. The new app – Tilt Brush – was bought by Google from its developer Skillman & Hacket in 2015. This app is quite a useful tool for designers trying to create a 3D image. The app runs on HTC Vive.

The Tilt Brush is not just another VR app. It is unique as it is specially crafted for artists and designers. Here are five unique things that make the Tilt Brush a special VR painting tool:

  1. Dynamic Brushes: With the Tilt Brush one can paint almost anything from stars to trees in a virtual 3D space. The app offers a range of brushes such as stars and rainbows. Besides, a handy color picker or palette allows the users to pick any color of their choice for their creative endeavor.
  2. Friendly Navigation: Tilt Brush has user-friendly interface. Its features are easy to locate. The Tilt Brush offers a unique feature called Snapshot tool which allows its users to take a screenshot and move it around in a virtual space. The screenshot thus taken can be stored, used and shared.
  3. Get Immersed: The app allows its users to get completely immersed while painting in a virtual world. An artist can roam around and change the direction of the painting. This enables the artist to view the creation from different angles and make necessary changes.
  4. Easy to share: The Google Tilt Brush has a feature to share the image as full-room-sized VR creation and small animated GIFs. The option is not available with other VR painting tools. This particular feature is quite beneficial for fashion designers and architects as they can create their master piece, preserve it and show to their prospective clients.
  5. Limited For HTC Vive and Steam Users: A users of HTC Vive or steam can only use the app. Besides, to be able to draw in a 3D VR world, one needs to configure the headset with steam. In short, having a steam account is a prerequisite for the proper functioning of the app. As of now, the app is restricted to steam and HTC Vive, but it is hoped that the app will be expanded to other platforms as well.

The VR painting app is expected to revolutionize the working of architects and designers by enabling them to walk through their sketches in 3D as they draw them.  The app is easy to use and can be used by anyone having an interest in arts and design. It is a great app for artists as it allows them to not only draw in a virtual world, but also feel their creation.

Google has tried to make the app a fun app to enjoy with certain creative flairs. Its tools enable artists to paint with fire and stars. Besides, the artist can view his/her creation from different angles and bring about the necessary changes.

It has come to light that the search engine giant is planning to add more features to the app. The new app might allow one to create short animations. Moreover, Google is also believed to be involved in developing ‘portal brush’ which will allow one to see through the world using Vive’s cameras.

The best thing about Tilt Brush is that it uses non-gaming technologies and therefore its success in the VR industry is for sure. There are numerous other VR painting apps such as Oculus’s Quill and Medium, but the availability and the exposure of the Tilt Brush has been more than the other similar apps. Facebook bought VR leader Oculus for a sum of $2bn, more than what Google invested in its VR app. Still, Google’s painting app has managed to attract numerous developers and respected artists. It is hoped that with the help of experts the app can be enhanced to meet the future needs.

Google’s Tilt Brush is the most sophisticated app to draw and paint in space. With Tilt Brush one can also create interactive stories, movies, video games and projects. With so many amazing features it seems as if the Tilt Brush is the future of artists.