GlassOuse Makes Controlling Devices Easier for PWDs

Around a billion people worldwide suffer from some form of disability and around 200 million of them have difficulties in looking for work. These people have trouble making a living because of their limitations in operating machinery and computers.

GlassOuse brings hope to PWDs by introducing an assistive device in the form of eyeglasses. GlassOuse glasses basically helps physically challenged people to easily control their computer, TV, and most importantly, their smartphones just by performing head movements.

The GlassOuse glasses is a combination of an eyeglass (without the lens) and a mouse. It has a 9-axis motion sensor that allows it to read head gestures and translate them to equivalent cursor movements on the screen. Attached to the eyeglass is a small mouthpiece that’s shaped like a mic which translates each bite to a mouse click. The mouthpiece is waterproof and can withstand up to 3 tons of pressure, so rest assured it’s durable enough to handle countless bites for long periods of time.

Mehmet Turker, the founder of GlassOuse, got the inspiration from his close friend who suffers from a severe spinal injury after he got into a vehicular accident. His friend was having a hard time doing even the simplest of tasks, including the use of a smartphone.

GlassOuse glasses communicate with gadgets via Bluetooth. The device is also equipped with a rechargeable battery which can last for about 10-15 days of regular use.

GlassOuse has no lens. Image Courtesy: GlassOuse
GlassOuse has no lens. Image Courtesy: GlassOuse

The GlassOuse team ensures the device is free-size and will comfortably fit anyone who needs it. GlassOuse glasses showcase the following features:

  • Smart battery – the device automatically enters sleep mode when it’s not in use
  • Sensitivity adjustment – choose from 3 options to configure the device’s sensitivity to your head movements
  • Quick response time – it takes less than a second to send commands to your gadget
  • Device compatibility – it’s compatible with Android phones, Windows, Mac, and Linux OS, and any brand of Smart TV
  • Wide viewing angle – wearer has 160° vertical and 180° horizontal viewing angle
  • Ergonomic and lightweight – the device weighs only 50g for a more comfortable fit
  • Non-carcinogenic and hygienic – the bite click is made of silicone that passed RoHS and CE certifications
  • Bluetooth connectivity – can connect to almost any device with Bluetooth capability

Staying true to their advocacy for creating the device, GlassOuse offered 2 ways for backers to support their campaign on Indiegogo back in June 2016. First is the “Profit” option wherein you can directly buy the product and they’ll use the earnings to further fuel their campaign. The “Non-profit” option asks for donations to help them give units to charities and organization who need the glasses the most.

They got their funding and even exceeded their initial target by as much as 150% which the team used to start a full-fledged company. They’re now offering affiliate programs to those who are interested in helping their glasses reach farther corners of the world.