Fun Workouts For Lazy Bums

Being lazy is a kind of lifestyle that is opted by those who like to relax and work in a calm environment. And why not! Why be on toes all the time? Often we criticize people for being generally lazy, but we fail to see the other side of such a life. Being lazy is being creative and innovative in itself. A lazy person will always look for ways that makes life easier for him/her. Such ilk will always look for smart shortcuts to complete tasks on time and this is what makes their life so special. But being lazy can add lots of fats around the belly. There are fun workouts that a lazy bum can include in his/her life to kill and continue enjoying the peace and rest at home.

Here are some of the most amazing and fun workouts for lazy bums:

Hiking: Walking is a kind of plodding exercise. It requires lots of energy, involvement, patience and the end result is not really that good, whereas hiking is a fun exercise. What makes hiking different from walking or other such form of exercise is involvement. This activity calls for complete engagement of a person. One has to be focused while hiking on hilly or stony areas. Hiking is a total body workout. One can call friends and family members for a nice hiking activity. It is a great way to exercise without feeling like you are actually exercising. For hiking one doesn’t necessarily need hiking trails one can hike even at the parks. Look for parks in your area that can provide you hiking experience and plan a day out with your family and loved ones. They will be a lot surprised to see you so active.

Swimming: Swimming is a great way of relaxing and exercising. Do you know that an hour of moderate swimming can get you lose 500 calories, which is equivalent to running on a treadmill at a 10:00-per-mile pace for 45 minutes. This refreshing activity is also a good cardio exercise as more breathe control is involved which causes muscles to work harder. Swimming is a total body workout and helps build strength.

Biking:  Do you know, a relaxing bike ride can help you burn as much as 281 calories in an hour? Getting to burn calories while enjoying a day biking or cycling uphill or downtown can be something really enjoyable. Pedaling furiously and enjoying the day on your bike can prove to be really beneficial for overall fitness. It is the best exercise for legs, ankles, knees and feet even when one is recovering from some injury. Lazy bums can include biking in their daily life by using bicycles as their prefer mode of transportation. So, when it is bright outside don’t sit inside and get your feet paddling to burn some calories in a fun way.

Eschew Elevators: If you hate to go to the gym, make a habit to use stairs instead of elevators. Climbing stairs will get you burn lots of fat and keep your metabolism strong.

Sit On a Ball: Sitting on the medicine ball requires balance and this is where calories can be burnt. At first, you might find it hard to maintain balance while sitting on the medicine ball. But, once you have mastered it, you can sit on it for hours doing nothing and burn calories. Isn’t that easy?

Raise Your Legs: Do you like to stay sited for hours? Do you know that you can tone the muscles of the legs and thighs just by sitting on a chair? Leg raise is one such exercise that can help you tome leg muscle while sitting. Raise your leg while sitting on a chair and repeat with both legs one by one. You can also do the same exercise with your knees. The end results will just surprise you.

Walk When On a Call: Take a stroll when on a walk. This will keep your body active and help you burn calories without going to gym. One can do this at any time of the day and enjoy a great body.

 Healthy Living: This is one of the best yet easiest methods to adopt for staying fit and active. Healthy living implies healthy eating and maintaining a good lifestyle. Make sure you sleep on time and restrain from binge eating.

A workout is not always about going to the gym and pumping out rigorously. It is in fact more about how you make your body fit. Keeping oneself physically as well as mentally active can help one lead a healthy life. Staying physically and mentally active one can achieve almost all goals of life and lead a happy life. So, if you cannot find time for exercise, just switch to healthy living.