Facebook Looking to Join the Smartwatch Community

A smartwatch connects people to their phones and computers, which is imperative in the age of never stop. Facebook is looking to jump into the market by 2022. The overall game plan is to allow users to send messages and connect with their smart fitness equipment. It is going to be a challenge with their current problems, but the potential has people talking.

person looking at their smartwatch
Imagine communicating with your fitness instructor! Photo: Pixabay

Messaging Services

Facebook already has a messaging service, but they also own WhatsApp. The goal is to allow people to message friends and family from their smartwatch without being tethered to their phone. Zuckerberg wants to use cellular connections and uses an open-source operating system, similar to Android. The end goal will be to have their own operating system, but that will take time.

Fitness Tracking

Everyone has heard of FitBit, but the new watch would take it to another level. Home fitness equipment has gone smart following COVID to allow people to socialize from home. Gyms closed, and companies stepped in to give them the same feel. Peloton has a treadmill and bicycle that gives users classes without leaving the house. Facebook hopes to assist people in tracking their fitness information with other health applications.


This is not the first time that Facebook has tried to dive further into the technology field. In the past, they have attempted VR Headsets and video-streaming. However, they have constantly run into roadblocks. The smartwatches will bring similar challenges.

  • Must Compete with Apple – Apple watch is the number one selling wearable on the market, with over 100 million in use
  • Cost Hurdle – Facebook is looking at prices ranging from $150 to $400 to compete with the current market
  • Security Problems – Consumers already have a bad taste with Facebook’s data privacy

Zuckerberg is not new to overcoming challenges, so the advances in technology are a possibility. Facebook and Apple are going toe to toe in many aspects. The potential to open the market up could pave the way for other companies to join in and lower prices overall. It will be interesting to see how this plays out over the next few years.