Enjoy Life Go Minimalist

Worrying brings nothing but health problems, stress and restlessness. How about if you could lead a life that is free from worries and tensions? Is it possible? Of course! Minimalistic approach to life is the answer. If you wish to enjoy life instead of running behind the glitters, become a minimalist.

Who is a minimalist? Minimalist is the one who leaves the gluttony of the world and embraces simple living. Now, what is simple living? Simple living means turning deaf ears to TV advertisements, posters and other promotions that tempt us to spend a few bucks on buying stuff which is not even required at all. Minimalistic life is about living a simple life that is based on basic necessities. We don’t need mansions or BMWs for surviving in this world. All we need is a capability to earn bread and butter. There are many benefits associated with the minimalist living; some of them are listed below:

Freedom and Space: Minimalistic approach to living provides us freedom from unnecessary worries and space to breathe. A materialistic approach to life attracts us to luxurious items such as a diamond necklace (that one seldom wears), unnecessary gadgets that stuff over cupboards and tables. Look around your house, can you find anything that is lying like a waste? If there are more than 10 such items, you need to shift your approach towards life from materialistic to minimalistic. Imagine how much space you can have at home if you do away with those unwanted things. Also, think how much money and time you would have spent on buying them. Don’t you think it was all a waste? A minimalistic approach to life frees one mind and spares people with peace of mind and space at home.

Focus On Self: By limiting oneself to basic necessities of life, one can focus on self. One can spend time exercising, meeting people, re-working on estranged relationships and spending time with God. People running behind materialistic things find it tough to take out time for the Church, family and other important things. A minimalistic approach to life allows one to do what they haven’t been able to because of time constraints.

Happiness: A minimalist is happier than a materialist. A minimalist has a peace of mind because he/she doesn’t have to worry about paying loans, buying luxurious things and more. A minimalist has no one to compete with and has a little or no desire which in turn brings in happiness. On the other hand, a materialist will always be upset or worried for not having one or the other thing. We tend to make ourselves happy by shopping and spending money, but this doesn’t bring true happiness. A true happiness is when the heart is happy.  Spending money can make one happy temporarily.

High Self Esteem: A minimalistic approach to life encourages individuality which in turn enhances self-esteem. This approach of living focuses on being oneself and doing what one likes to do by promoting self-reliance. A minimalist relies on oneself for making a living and does what he/she likes to do.

Focused Mind: A minimalist is focused as compared to a materialist. A person living a simple life has only one thing to focus on, while a materialistic has many distractions in his/her life whether it is buying a new property or new clothes. However, the gluttony of the world fails to distract a minimalist.

A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned: Since a minimalist has no greed to buy luxurious things, he/she gets to save what he/she might have spent on buying unwanted things. Thus, for a minimalist a penny saved is a penny earned.

Great Health: Decluttering brings in better health. How? If one declutters oneself from temptations one gets to have a peace of mind, which means good health. A worried mind can lead to various health problems, such as:



Decreased appetite


A minimalist gets to enjoy great health as he/she has nothing much to worry about.

Greater Self-Control: A minimalistic approach to living promotes self-control. Living a life of a minimalist one learns to control oneself. It is not easy to turn away from luxurious things that once you loved the most. But, with minimalistic approach one can learn to focus on basic things. This in turn also aids in controlling anger.

These are some top eight benefits of leading a minimalist life. Imagine a world that allows you to be what you want to be, live a life on your terms and do things that you desire to do – won’t that be a great world to live in. Minimalistic approach to life is about decluttering oneself from materialistic things that tangle a person into a living that is less enjoyable and a lot stressful.