Coin-Operated Share Stool For Uncluttered Parks And Public Spaces

Image courteys Bernstrand & Co
Image Courtesy: Bernstrand & Co

A revolution in the way how people enjoy sunlight while seating in a public park has been waged by the famous designer Thomas Bernstrand at the Stockholm Furniture Fair which was held from Feb 6 to 12 this year. The designer has crafted a coin-operated share stool for the comfort of the city dwellers. The solid stool has especially been designed for the comfort and the joy of people who like to spend time at malls, parks and other public areas with their friends, loved ones or even alone.

If you ever happen to visit a park in the evening you might find public chairs scattered here and there. The latest design in the outdoor furniture is focused towards doing away with the free chairs. The mechanism of share stools is similar to that of a trolley at supermarkets. Remember, how you pick a trolley at a supermarket and how you remember to put them back. The stools have a locking mechanism that can lock them up when they are not in use. This means that leaving the vacant stools means that they won’t be found placed anywhere. In fact, they will be at their place just like our cars parked in the parking area. Now, this is something brainy. Thomas Bernstrand has done a great job in designing the stools. But, it will be of interest to see how the stools are used in the future. The only thing that may hold back the stools from use is their movability. Every time, they would be required to pick up to take it along to one’s favorite place. The stools don’t have wheels on them so one will have to carry the heavy stools from one place to another. It also means that kids, elderly and people with certain physical problems might not be able to use them.

The stools are specially designed for parks and public spaces where city dwellers like to spend their free time. To avail the stools they would have to pay a small amount of a Euro to unlock a stool for themselves.  What makes these stools different is their mobility and mechanism.

Image courteys Bernstrand & Co
Image Courtesy: Bernstrand & Co

The share stools are designed to alter the fixed public chairs or stools for the convenience of the public.  The share stools can be carried for just one euro to anyplace that a person would like to such as under the tree, sunlight and under some shades. These stools are new of its kind. They are sure to declutter the parks from the chairs that are often left behind by the park goers or shoppers. The mechanism of the share stools helps keep parks and public spaces tidy.

Thomas Bernstrand has received recognition for his designs that have changed the life of many. These designs include an armchair, the kitchen table Uddanbo and Share Chair. Coin operated share stool is a part of the latest in the designer’s Share series of street furniture for outdoor brand Nola.

The share stool will enable city dwellers to pick any stool or clusters of stools as per their convenience and take a seat where they wish to. This way they don’t have to wait for a stool to get vacant. Besides, the latest design may also prevent theft or stools being misplaced. Having a stool that can be operated with just a euro seems to be an amazing way to keep the public spaces neat and clean. The stools will also make it easier to clean the park as there won’t be any more of scattered chairs.

The share stools are made up of metal. They are durable and heavy weight to prevent any damage caused by natural calamity. Whether it be rain, storm or snow fall the share stools can endure all. The stools can be stacked vertically to form a column, and are intended for use across in squares and shopping centers as well as parks.

A portable lounge with the similar mechanism has also been introduced. The lounge is also for the city dwellers. Unlike share stools, the lounge comes with wheels which make them easy to move. The lounge can be rolled and taken to a desirable place and easily returned to base. The lounge can be locked to other vacant lying lounges at the base just like trolleys at the airport.

Before this innovation, share chair a public portable seating was also introduced by Thomas Bernstrand. The chairs have the mechanism similar to the share stools.

It is quite early to predict how the latest outdoor furniture designs will be accepted by the public. However, there is no denying that the locking up system of share series will make it convenient to lock and store the public furniture when not in the use.