Chinese architect creates anti-viral bat suit in response to Coronavirus

The UV coronavirus-killing bat suit.

At a time when bats are a sensitive subject, with many deeming it racist to talk about bats, a Chinese company decided to lean all the way into the concept. Penda posted their design on Instagram; a bat suit that they claim can protect you from Coronavirus.

Before you ask, yes. They seem real. Their Instagram is full of pictures of postmodern architecture, as is their website.

No, I can’t find it for sale. Probably just a design at this point.

According to the post, the bat suit essentially uses ultraviolet radiation to heat up your personal climate and “sterilize” it. This would kill any and all viruses or bacteria that invade your personal space.

After all, UV is used to treat dirty water and make it drinkable. So it should work the same way on Coronaviruses, right?

Yes, it would. In fact, UV-emitting robots are disinfecting hospitals in China. Even buses are getting the UV treatment.

The problem with using UV in a bat suit is that it would fry you right along with coronavirus. Because as it turns out, this stuff is really dangerous, even to human cells. In the above example, the robots make sure all the humans are out of the room before they disinfect it. The same goes for the buses. They are disinfected only when empty.

That said, it’s not all bad news. Scientists have figured out that a certain type of UV light, far-UVC, is just as deadly to viruses and microbes without being harmful to human cells. So there’s still something for you to cheer on and spread awareness about.