Beat Procrastination by Following These Simple Steps!

All of us here were at some point trying to rationalize the process of writing that research paper that is due in very far 4 weeks. We think of ourselves able to complete a little bit of work over the entire period of time, saying to ourselves: “Ok, I am going to write 10 pages every week, and by the end, I will have my paper!” But instead, almost all of us wait until the last moment when we have all 40 pages of a research paper due by tomorrow! We say to ourselves: ”But… But wait, I spent so much time on it!”  Unfortunately, all this time you have been devoted to scrolling through the entire Wikipedia page of the Nancy Kerrigan-Tonya Harding Scandal because you have just remembered that that was the thing!” Many of us also end up spending precious time on YouTube, starting from videos on quantum physics and finishing with interviews of Justin Bieber’s mom. And what does all of that mean? It means that procrastinator’s brain does actually care about the knowledge from the past or knowledge of the future, he just cares about two things: EASY and FUN. And here, at we want to tell you the best tips for you in order to tame that gratification monkey inside of your head! So, tune in and let’s start!

  1. Get your focus

Being focused on one particular thing is the key to beating procrastination. We usually give ourselves way too many things to deal with and end up with just running around and doing nothing. Choose only ONE specific thing that you want to work and you have been procrastinating about and be dedicated to complete the text in the next day/week.

  1. Start NOW!

When you have finished with making a specific plan, you have to take an immediate action. RIGHT NOW! If you feel like you do not have enough of willpower to do it, just do the Five Minute Miracle below.

  1. Five Minute Miracle.

This technique is used by people that want to beat procrastination once and for all. The Five Minute Miracle goes to the “Zeigarnik effect” that we discussed in the article “8 Tips to Stay Motivated”. In a nutshell, this effect makes you complete things once you have started them. Therefore, every time you spend five minutes on working on the very small task, which you are more likely to finish, it is more likely that you will carry on to finally complete the entire goal later on.

  1. Kindness attack!

The research shows that you are more likely to stop procrastinating on the current task if you will show enough self-compassion when thinking of your past procrastination experience. Be kind to yourself and take action as soon as possible!

  1. Have the procrastination battle roar!

Pick a song or a motto that easily gets you energized and hyped up whenever you want to battle the procrastination. Make your body feel pumped up and ready for tackling that research paper you have been procrastinating about.

  1. Dig to the roots.

Most of the time, a very helpful practice could be understanding why exactly you have been procrastinating over the specific task. Is there anything that you are afraid of? Are you currently overwhelmed and do not know where to start? Well, just try figuring out the answers to these problems and working out solutions for the. Identifying the fears is a great advantage in tackling procrastination.

  1. Enjoy it!

Fighting procrastination should not be the thing that you should worry about. Try reaching out to it from a different perspective. First, try to have a buddy that will help you. Make a bet with him. Give him a date and time by which you will complete something and tell him the punishment that you are going to pay if this something is not completed. The other way to make it fun could be a token reward system. Create such a system of tokens that will allow you to have a perfect medium of exchange (tokens) that you will receive by doing the hard work, and which you can easily spend on having fun or going out with friends.

Well, we hope that these tips were helpful to you! Remember, YOU are the creator of your destiny and it is only in your hands to change the way you live! If you want some additional information on how to stay motivated, please click the link to the following article!