Achieve Superhuman Memory Through This One Simple Technique

Your brain has certain strengths and weaknesses.

The trick is to tap into your brain’s strengths to cover for its weaknesses.

There is a centuries old technique, that taps into your brain’s spatial awareness strengths, to boost your basic memory recall weaknesses.

You may have seen something like this on an episode of Sherlock.

Although is seems like fictional nonsense, using a mind palace as a memory technique can bring you impressive results.

Before we tell you how to do it, we need to show you that it works.

The Mind Palace

See It For Yourself  

First, you need to understand the weaknesses of your brain.

Your brain has limited cognitive abilities. It was not designed to memorize long lists of facts and numbers. It was built to recognize patterns, connect dots, and to visualize.

You can easily see this yourself by trying the following:

Try to quickly memorize a list of several words that are unrelated to each other. If you don’t have a random list handy, try this.  

You will find, unlike a computer, your brain has a hard time registering all this seemingly unrelated information.

Now, let’s look at some overwhelming strengths of your brain.

Think about a building you’ve only been inside of once. You can probably recall several details of the structural layout. If you can’t think of any particular place at the moment try using a basic real estate house walk through video.

Just briefly watch that video, and you will find that you actually registered a whole lot more than you think. If I asked you where the office was, you can easily tell me it’s the first room on the left. If I asked you where the stairs are, you would tell me to the right of the kitchen. If your spatial awareness is super strong, you may even be able to tell me about the brick wall next to the patio.

If we waited 10 minutes from now, you could probably only name 2 or 3 words from that random word list, but you would still be able to describe to me the layout of the house.

That’s what the brain is amazing at. It can register locations with its spatial awareness and solidify the layout into your memory.

In fact, the mind palace is also known as the Method of Loci (Loci is latin for places). It was invented by Simoindes of Ceos thousands of years ago in Ancient Greece.

Scholars have been aware of this technique for thousands of years.

Now you know that your brain has strengths and weaknesses that can be capitalized on. Before we tell you how to effectively do this, you need to know how strong of a technique this really is.

The Mind Palace

How Strong The Technique Really Is

There is no shortage to the list of things a mind palace can help you with. In fact, you would probably need a separate mind palace to remember everything it can do for you.

Let’s talk about something simple it can do. You can use a mind palace to easily memorize over 300 digits of Pi. I would challenge you to memorize more than 10 digits with the traditional memorization method.

By walking through your mind palace, there is actually no shortage of information you can store in your brain. There are people who will even use mind palaces to learn French.

Imagine that. You can learn entire languages, any amount of scientific information, and even make trips to the grocery store less of a hassle (never forget the milk again!).

You may be wondering whether or not this is necessary. You may think there is a simpler and easier technique. Perhaps there are easier techniques like mnemonic devices, but the mind palace is by far the strongest.

In fact, the world memory champion uses this technique himself.

The person with the best memory in the world uses this technique. If that doesn’t convince you of its greatness, I’m not sure what will.

Now you’re ready, let’s talk about how to use your own mind palace.

The Mind Palace

How To Do It

The first step is to build your mind palace.

Your brain is better at registering things that you are familiar with, so try and use a building or place you are familiar with. Most people, like to start with their home.

You need to get deep into your mind and imagine yourself in your room. Create a mental walk through, similar to the video we saw above.

Let’s say your house has 3 rooms. Your bedroom, your kitchen, and your living room.

In each room you will “pin” about 10 things that you recognize. So for my room, that would entail: my bed, my mirror, my closet, my desk, etc. I know these things as a part of my own spatial awareness and they are forever a part of my memory. 

If you have 10 things for each of the three rooms, your mind palace will allow you to store 30 pieces of information. You assign each “pin” in your room to a corresponding piece of information.

Maybe if I wanted to memorize a grocery list I would use my palace like this: First I get out of bed and see my mirror. I see my hair is messy so I remember to get shampoo. Next I see my closet. I see it is empty, so I remember to get laundry detergent. Next is my desk, where I have unfortunately spilled an entire bowl of cereal, so I remember to get milk and cereal. 

The more absurd and funny the association, the better chance your brain has of remembering a certain piece of information. The more information you want to memorize means the more rooms and “pins” you need to add to your mind palace. The better you get, the more you can add.  

Watch this video with visuals to better understand how to build a mind palace.   

That’s all for our quick Life Hack on boosting your memory to superhuman levels. Try and build your own mental palace. It’s literally free. 

All you need is a moment of peace and quiet.