8 Tips That Will Help You Stay Motivated

With New Year coming at our doors, we all are very happy to make New Year’s resolutions. Whatever your resolutions are, studies have proven that the majority of us simply abandon them only after a short time of sticking to them. Despite how awesome your resolutions are, they may be hard to achieve. So here are 8 tips that we are going to use to help you to stay motivated the upcoming year!

Get enough sleep to restore your willpower! Your willpower is an exhaustible resource and the process of losing the will power is known as ego depletion. Good night’s sleep is an essential aspect of keeping your willpower high!

Get started! Have a goal that you will work toward to and get started. Just do it! Something known as the Zeigarnik effect nags us until we completely finish the task. Therefore, by simply starting a task that may be very unpleasant, we are much more likely to complete it.

Get surrounded with the people that motivate you! You may have been always told that “peer pressure” is a bad thing, but in the case of forming good habits or completing some kind of work, it may serve as an essential thing in getting motivated to do stuff. Imagine two different situations. In the first, you go to the gym by yourself. Not a big motivation as you can pull off some slack. However, if you are going to the gym with your friend, you both can motivate each other to go to that workout or to finish that last set of push-ups.  People around you can definitely help in reaching your goals!

Take breaks! Instead of working for long periods of time, consider splitting all of your activities into 25-40 minute sessions. This is known as “Pomodoro Technique”. By using this technique, you set a timer for a certain amount of time, 35 minutes for example and you strictly focus just on the work you do. After this session, have a nice little break, have a stretch or do a small walk around the house. Use this brilliant technique to enhance mental agility as well as treat yourself after hard sessions!

Make sure you eat right! Think to the day when you were productive and remember the food that you have consumed that day. Our bodies convert food into glucose which provides energy for our bodies and fuels our functioning. Glucose allows our brain to stay alert. Unfortunately, not all of the foods are processed and metabolized equally! Foods high in sugar release the glucose almost instantly, giving us that sugar rush of energy that we can use, then slumping off. Foods high in protein and fat, on the other hand, provide a sustainable energy that we can use for long periods of time but put a lot of work on our stomach. It requires more oxygen to digest the food, which decreases the oxygen levels at our brains, making us feel tired. A great tip would also be to choose your snack decisions before you get hungry.

Turn your goal into a new habit! Often our goals just don’t work out because they are not something that we have used to doing or they are not specific enough. Instead, break that goal into a habit. For example, if you want to save up a little bit of money to go on a cruise, try making your own coffee instead of buying it in coffee-shops (Financial Literacy 101 😀 ).

Make a schedule! Personally, I like to schedule all of my things that I am going to do instead of simply running around and doing everything. It helps me to stay more committed to the task and it actually makes my goal feasible by simply writing it down on the paper. For example, I will devote 2 hours to studying, 2 hours to work, 2 hours to communication, and so on, so forth.  By planning, you brain can devote your focus to the specific tasks at hand.

Start on a Monday! Research suggests that we are more likely to follow our goals if we start on a Monday. “Temporal landmarks” actually help to separate us from our personal failures. It can be viewed as something like: “new week – new me!”

We all here, at ThisIsBrainy.com hope that these simple tips will help you stay motivated, execute and reach your personal New Year resolutions! Be a brand New You in 2017!