7 Simple Steps For Better Sleep

Everyone sleeps. But not everyone is sleeping right. If you constantly wake up feeling restless, grumpy, and unsatisfied, know this doesn’t have to be the case.

Now there are some obvious problems, and if you haven’t addressed them you need to fix them first. For instance, if you’re not getting enough sleep, this is an easy fix. Sleep more. If you’re getting poor sleep because your neighbors are too loud, this too is an easy fix. Ask them to quiet down.

But there are those of us, who still aren’t getting the sleep we need. For all of us restless dreamers, there is hope. Consider the following 7 steps for better sleep. At least one of them is bound to help you out:

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Your Bed Is A Sanctuary For Sleep

How much do you love watching TV, reading, eating, or even doing work on your bed? You shouldn’t.

Your bed is your nest. It is your cocoon. It is a sanctuary that serves one purpose, and that purpose is providing you smooth passage through the night into a better tomorrow.

That’s how you need to treat your bed. You only lay down on it when it is time to sleep. You make your bed and keep it clean because it your sanctuary. Your bed is not just another piece of furniture. Treating it like one will make it like one.

You don’t want to be sleeping on a piece of furniture. No, you want to hibernate in your sanctuary of dreams.

Exercise Early

If you are going to exercise, do it early. If you are not going to exercise, reconsider your actions. You’re not getting any younger.

Exercise gets your whole body more in synch with itself. Oxygen flows, and your energy levels rise. It allows your whole body to perform at a higher rate.

But don’t exercise too late into the night. You’ll have all this energy and you won’t know what to do with it. If you want to sleep early, exercise even earlier. If you are doing too much strenuous activity before bed, you won’t be relaxed. You need to be relaxed for you to sleep. It could even help to mediate some.

Beware Of The Screen

When you stare at your phone or computer or TV you generally do it for an extended period of time. In this time, you aren’t blinking very much and are submerged into your electronic device.

Here’s the problem. When you are staring into these screens, your brain registers this as staring into light. Trying to go to sleep after staring at a screen is like trying to go to sleep right after you were staring at the sun.

Your brain has registered this large input of light and is now telling the rest of your body to stay alert. If you need to use your screen at least turn the brightness down.

Be One With The Darkness

No, you don’t need to be evil. But the opposite of the screen problem is true. If light can prevent you from sleeping, darkness can help.

Close your windows, close your lights, and don’t forget to close your eyes. When your brain registers darkness it tells the rest of your body it’s time for rest.

This doesn’t mean that you can turn off the lights and instantly fall asleep. Try to saturate yourself with darkness before you go to sleep to give your body time to adjust.

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Watch What And When You Eat

Don’t eat too close to bedtime. You’ve probably heard this one before. Eating too close to your bedtime can give your body a lot of energy that fights your desire to sleep. Don’t eat anything too heavy, and watch out for red meat.

Try to go to bed just a little bit hungry. It’s the most conducive way to sleep and at the same time is a great way to trim on belly fat.

On the other side, there are some recent studies that show that a very small amount of carbs right before you sleep can help you sleep easy. A small dose of carbs can help you get tired. But I don’t recommend this as eating only a small amount of carbs is quite difficult.

Relish in a Warm Bath

There isn’t concrete science explaining why a warm bath can help you fall asleep. The best thing I’ve seen is it helps regulate your internal body temperature.

That being said, this is mostly anecdotal. But at the same time, it’s one of the best tips I could give you. I think the warm bath is just impossible to not relax in.

When you are relaxed it’s easy to sleep. And there’s no better way to relax than a warm bath.

Bedtime Rituals

Your bed is your sanctuary remember?

Every time you go to sleep should be the same time. Keep a strict bedtime and your body will soon catch up. Whether you brush right before sleep, take a warm bath, or even do a little prayer, do it regularly.

Turn your nighttime routine into a bedtime ritual. Your body will associate all the actions you do before bedtime with sleep. This means your body will get ready for sleep as early as your earliest ritual.


And that’s all for our advice on how to better your sleep. Maybe you don’t need to try all of them, but at least one of these steps could better your life.

Your bed is your sanctuary. Treat sleep like a sacred ritual, and you will find sleep will reward you with ample energy.

Do all of these steps and you never know; you might just sleep like a baby.

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