30 Ways to Productivity – Life Hacks

Before you scroll down to read the content of this article, please take out a few minutes to calculate your productivity. Wondering how to do it? Well, calculate the hours you spend in doing certain tasks like completing homework and the result that you get at the end. Suppose you take 4 hours to write a school essay and end up getting ‘D’ grade the next day for the same article, I would say that you are not being productive. Now what that means is that you are spending more of time, but are getting less of it. Productivity is calculated on the ratio of output and input. The greater the output the more productive you are and vise a versa.  Here are some easy to follow tips to enhance your productivity:

  1. Short Breaks: You cannot always work at optimum productivity. Keep taking short breaks to refresh your mind and muscles for the work that requires attention.

  2. Timer: Set a timer to make sure that you don’t spend a lot of time on a task that requires a few minutes or an hour.

  3. Get Rid of Distractions: Keeping away from distractions can help you stay focused. Declutter your desk and room so you don’t get distracted.

  4. Enjoy Work: Love what you do! If you love your job, you are more likely to be honest with your work and will be more productive.

  5. Set priorities: Prioritize work so you don’t miss the important tasks.

  6. Quick Start: Start your day and work as soon as possible. Don’t procrastinate.

  7. Productive Hours: Know your productive hours. Some people are more productive in the morning and some at night. Know the time when you are most productive and complete the important tasks at that time.

  8. Keep a note: Keep taking notes of essential things. It will help you get back to them.

  9. Keep records: Keep a record of the tasks that have been completed and the ones that have not.

  10. Plan properly: Before starting any task, plan how you would like to proceed with it. Your plan should be practical enough to materialize.

  11. Evaluation: Evaluate your work, your time and everything that affects your productivity. Evaluating yourself is a great way of knowing one’s loopholes and improvising on them.

  12. Rest: Our body is not a machine. We need to take proper rest to ensure we meet deadlines and complete work effectively.

  13. Exercise: Keeping your body active and healthy is also one of the ways to improve productivity. An active employee is always more productive than a slacker.

  14. Organize Life: A messed-up life won’t give you anything constructive. To maintain harmony at the workplace, it is necessary that you enjoy your personal life as well. Spend some quality time with friends and loved ones to stay active at the workplace.

  15. Outsource: Outsourcing is a great way to get things done. If you have certain work or tasks that don’t require you to complete, you can outsource the work and use the time on other important tasks.

  16. Listen More: If you are not a good listener, you should try to become one. A good listener is more likely to make sound decisions and be productive.

  17. Automate Work: There are certain tasks that can be automated. For example, if you have certain bills that require to be cleared on every 1st of the month, automate the payment by using online banking.

  18. Set Goals: Setting practical goals can help you stay focused and motivated.

  19. Say ‘No’: You don’t need to be involved in gossip all the time. If someone invites to be part of the ‘bathroom conversations’, simply say no and focus on the greater picture.

  20. Eat Healthy: Eating healthy meals is the best way of keeping oneself active.

  21. Seek a Mentor: Look for a mentor to keep you focused on projects. A mentor can be anyone expert in their respective fields.

  22. Shortcuts Can Help: Shortcuts can save a lot of time. Use shortcuts, whether while texting or driving. These shortcuts will leave you with plenty of time for work and yourself.

  23. Reward Yourself: We all require motivation. If you think you have done a great job, reward yourself with shopping and some pampering. This will motivate you to keep moving ahead with your goals.

  24. Productive Tools: There are applications such as time trackers, reminders and those more specifically designed to enhance the productivity of the users. Use these tools to keep track of your goals.

  25. Two-minute rule: We tend to either ignore or procrastinate tasks that can be completed in just two minutes.

  26. Don’t Multitask: Multitasking is not something that everyone can do. Besides, the practice of multitasking may deviate a person from their ultimate goal. Focusing on one task at a time can help improve productivity.

  27. Make the Most of Commuting: Use traveling time to read emails and respond to them instead of Facebooking and Twitting.

  28. Night Planning: Every new day is crucial in itself as it brings new opportunities and challenges. Plan for tomorrow at night. This will keep you motivated and engaged in the daily challenges of life.

  29. Get the Big Rocks In: At times, we come across work that is more time-consuming and tough to handle. Complete these tasks first so you get rid of the hurdles in the initial stage.

  30. Effective vs Efficient: You don’t need to perfect, but effective. The work completed by you should be effective enough to bring in the desired results. Prioritize effectiveness over efficiency.